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 Legendary short story #1 MK VI: Director's Cut

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PostSubject: Legendary short story #1 MK VI: Director's Cut   Thu Mar 11, 2010 9:04 pm

Oh, hey, look! Another place to dump my story onto! Not only that, but there is the slight chance that people will actually read it this time! Oh well, its still a form of art.

I was alone, it was me against everyone. My face burned in shame as I saw their cold, wretched smiles. “St-stop that!” I cried to them all, but they only seemed to grin more. “Stop it! All of you!” I tried to sound confident, but their grins broke me apart. The bright sky seemed to fade, but their smiles didn’t. “Please! Stop it!” Icy tears began to fall onto my burning face. “Stop it...please...” My voice seemed to fade slowly my legs could barely support me.
Someone chuckled. My heart seemed to stop. They were laughing at me. First two, four, seven, thirty, growing and multiplying with ease. The smiles broke and were replaced with laughter. I punched the floor. Hard. hard enough for the solid concrete to bruise my knuckles. I felt my skin begin to pulse slowly and glow in sync, as my pulse quickened and rang deep in my ears. “Why.....stop....” was all I could mutter. My consciousness was fading. My vision was disoriented, their laughter began to echo. I blinked once, twice. Tears ran down my face like a waterfall. I knew I wasn’t crying, nor should I be. However, I didn’t seem to feel my body anymore. My eyes were drenched and swelled slightly, my heart beat uncontrollably. I tried to run, but my legs wouldn’t budge. “This won’t stop fast either.” My thoughts raced, “Their laughter is literally pinning my body to the concrete. I can’t eve-” Something caught my eye. The yellow tint of my skin seemed to grow slightly deeper, but my pulse was still in overdrive. My embarrassment, my rage, my stress and depression... My emotions themselves were out of control, as well as my body, being a slave to the uncontrollable mind. “Wait, then why can I still think? If these things are happening me, why can I still witness them?
After being stuck for what seemed to be hours, my pulse slowed as well as my tears. My eyes were no longer hurt. I could now feel my body again, yet I couldn’t control my body. My body began to stand up, as my legs shifted to a standing position. Seizing the opportunity, I prepared to yell loudly. My arm seemed to rise. At what seemed like an appropriate time, I yelled “STOP!” I’m not sure how it happened but a large disk of energy burst out of my arm and knocked down about three quarters of the crowd on their backs. The others stood with their mouths open at their comrades, as I did to my arm.
What...what the...I’ll think about it later.” My arm discharged electricity from the blast. Time froze, and I took advantage of it. “Ok, so lets see here. The crowd is either agape or hurt. My pulse is normal, and I have a yellow aura about me. I just launched a supernatural energy disk at them, and now my arm both hurts and burns a little. To top it off, its dark outside as well as rainy.” I checked my arm to see if it was any different, sure enough it wasn’t. The good news is that I can move my body again. I stood and was surprised to find myself smiling. I guess happiness and love were the only emotion I haven’t exercised in a while. I turned to look at the group, and my smile vanished. They were getting up, and they seemed to be angry at that. All of them seem to have an aura of red enveloping them, with their albino-red eyes pointing at me. Despite their anger, I still felt confident after firing that gigantic energy blast that swept about 750 people off their feet. “So, who will win?” I thought aloud as my arm continued to discharge electricity. “A thousand possessed demons, or one supercharged human?” Cautious, I shifted into a guarding position as they marched towards me. They stopped at a good fifteen meters before a figure ran up to me with a full fist headed for my face.
“Don’t blink!” I ducked in mid-punch and uppercutted his stomach. I watched as the guy flew ten feet in the air and landed with a blood-curdling crunch. I watched their faces change, and they shifted their position into that of a semicircle with perfect synchronization. “So its a fight you want? Ok, bring it on!” To my surprise, I inadvertently triggered another small energy blast at the enemy with my pointer finger, knocking one of their comrades unconscious. Unfortunately, that hurt. “OW! OWOWOWOW! IT BURNS!! IT-eh?” They decided to send in a cluster of their people while I was in pain. Thankfully, I took notice of them “Five people arranged in a narrow V-formation, point away from me, 3 meters per second. Alright!” I headed towards them at equal velocity towards the V. Before impact, I ducked and grabbed on of their feet and used superhuman strength to trash body of the kid I caught against the others, tripping them as well as hurling the dummy away at the speed of sound at the wall. I saved myself from the bloody splat just in time to hear a girl sneaking up on me. Being cautious, since it was a girl, I merely elbowed her. “Sheesh, these people really are possessed. They don’t even talk! Or do they?” I yelled to them, “HEY GUYS! SAY SOMETHING!” They only growled. Great.
I waited for an attack, but they didn’t reply. I guess they were waiting for my own attack. I began to move forward, before I felt my heart give out. In less than a second, I was on the ground, unconscious.
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Legendary short story #1 MK VI: Director's Cut
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