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 Poem? LOL?

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PostSubject: Poem? LOL?   Thu Mar 11, 2010 8:59 pm

What? Nobody poems(as in, the verb) here? Well, fine. Nyeh.


For far too long I have waited for you,
The scent of your perfume fills me with lust.
I can't say that love is completely true,
But this pain, this agony says I must.
Amy, how long have we known each other?
I've never told you, but my heart is torn.
You're not like the others, who make me shudder.
How I have been lost, how I'm left forlorn.
The reason I am, I may never know.
I'll never truly exist, yet I'm here.
As the days go by, this yearn seems to grow.
Above joy, sorrow, jealousy and fear.
It isn't possible; I can't say no.
I love you Amy, I speak from my heart,
Just promise me please; say we'll never part.
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Poem? LOL?
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